This is So Easy, 5 Super Simple Calorie Cuts

The idea of dropping excess pounds and figuring out how you will eliminate calories each and every day can be stressful. However, with a few calorie cutting tips, you can find ways to get rid of extra calories from your diet without even thinking much about it.

1. Fill up with Greens.

At dinner, especially if eating out, begin with a garden salad. Try and fill up prior to the main course with lots of fresh, low-calorie veggies. Sprinkle with a little mozzarella for flavor, but do not forget to stay away from the heavy dressings. Stick with the low-calorie Italian dressing or go with a dash of oil and vinegar. By finishing your salad prior to the remainder of the meal, your appetite will become satiated much quicker.

2. Switch up the types of Carbs

Almost everyone enjoys a hefty sandwich on delicious bread, but while trying to cut caloric intake, thick and tasty bread won’t do the job. Instead, wrap your sandwich up in a carb conscious tortilla or a lower calorie whole wheat tortilla. Slather on some mustard and load up your sandwich wrap with lots of lettuce and tomato along with some of your other typical fixings.

3. Keep it Regular

Most adults love to start their mornings off with coffee. But be careful with purchasing fancy caffeinated drinks if you are attempting to eliminate calories from your diet. Before you know it, your frappuccino topped with whipped cream, or syrup, could be 400 calories or more. Save on your caloric intake and your hard earned cash by sticking with a regular cup of coffee with a non calorie sweetener or a dash of milk to flavor.

4. Stick to nuts

Craving something salty or crunchy? Avoid the potato chips from the vending machine and enjoy a handful of pistachio nuts or a small amount of sunflower seeds. These options can contain much less calories and are much better for you than processed, fried foods.

5. Avoid drinking your calories

If out with friends for a drink, or at home needing a nightcap, be careful what you pour. Stay away from loaded calorie cocktails and stick with a liquor of your choice mixed with tonic water, soda water, or a diet soda. You could be eliminating up to a few hundred calories just in mixers alone.

There are countless ways to cut calories here and there. Always be mindful of sugars and simple carbohydrates while making your choices each day and don’t forget to get moving. Exercise can be one of the most effective ways to drop unwanted pounds.

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